Watch_Dogs: Hack the planet!

Watch_Dogs’ Aiden Pearce is possibly the first truly 21st century hero. What makes him interesting is that he champions the attributes that we (and I hate to describe myself this way) millenials think are cool. He’s tech savvy; he’s nimble rather than strong; and most interestingly, he’s an expert multitasker.

Big Hero 6 trailer: Disney does Marvel superheroes

You may not be familiar with Big Hero 6, a 3D computer-animated superhero film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and based on the Marvel Comics title of the same name. I know I wasn’t, but after watching Disney’s Wreck It Ralph over and over and over again, I’m super excited about this film. Set in a…

Rick and Morty screenshot

The NerdyCool podcast 004: Wubba-lubba-dubdub

High-concept, sci-fi humor meets fart jokes in the NerdyCool’s new favorite show, Rick and Morty on Adult Swim. Antuan, Brian, and Clayton — the ABC Connection — discuss everything that’s great about this animated series. Along the way, we also discuss the Silicon Valley HBO series and old favorites including Adventure Time and Young Justice. Intro music…


Life Is a Cruel Game, and Other Lessons of FTL

I don’t mind a tough game now and then. I’ve played action games on Hard and sworn at the screen after some mob of “goddamn fuckers fucked me again, FUCK.” I’ve tried to win difficult races and wailed like a heartbroken tween at missing the mark by just a few milliseconds. I still go back now and…

Child of Light screenshot

The NerdyCool podcast 003: I want my JRPG!

This week, Antuan, Brian, and Clay sit down to discuss JRPGs, Western RPGs, and the newly released ‘Child of Light.’ The recently reviewed Pixel Dungeon finds its way into the discussion and Clayton shares his love for a highly stylized, swashbuckling Steam game.

An Ode to Apple

Silicon Valley Mid-Season Thoughts

Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley is a tech life parody so close to home, literally and figuratively, that it’s a simultaneously knee slapping and face-palming to San Francisco Bay professionals existing in and around America’s second notable dot com bubble. This is satire at its finest and here’s why. Stumbling upon the next culture-changing algorithm, the…

Pixel Dungeon for Android

Pixel Dungeon: enjoy dying over and over again

This is my current addiction. Pixel Dungeon (Android, free) is fast-paced RPG crawler that has you tap-tapping your way through level after level of a randomly generated dungeon. There are four classes, but only three are unlocked at the outset. Players can choose between a Warrior, a Mage, and a Rogue. At the start of the…


Reflecting on the Dark Comedy of THE DOUBLE

Imagine a different version of yourself that lacks all your insecurities, that always knows what to say, and that everyone instantly likes. People are drawn to him. Everything goes his way. For him, life is just easy. Would you want to be that person? Could you be that person, if you just got over the…