A Warlock always finishes the job (Destiny fan-fiction)

Fighting is simple science for we Warlocks. It may look like magic, but it’s actually just physics, simple mathematics, and tactics. Even so, I’m felling pretty pumped from all of the energy I’ve drained from the grunts — feeling like a goddamn Voidwalking Space Wizard — but I’m also quickly getting overwhelmed. Looks like it’s “exo’s gotta do what an exo’s gotta do” time again.


NerdyCool podcast 016: Filling the cracks

The summer blockbuster season is starting to cool down so Antuan and Brian figured they’d take a look back at some of this year’s most overlooked films. The list includes everytying from a romantic comedy to horror to quirky sci-fi and there’s even a big, traditional action flick. Be sure to also check out Brian’s previous post for more…


“WHO the F*&K are you!?!?” – Doctor Who S8E1 review

A nerd’s review of Peter Capaldi’s dynamic premiere as the latest Doctor Who. S8E1: “DEEP BREATH” | Writer: Steven Moffat | Director: Ben Wheatley | Runtime: 79 minutes | Air Date: 8.23.14 FYI – This post is bound to be a little longer than most because there’s so much to cover! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been impatiently waiting for this episode since…

Chris Evans Snow Piercer

NerdyCool podcast 013: Going off the rails with Snowpiercer

This week, the nerds choo-choo-choose to chat about the latest film from Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-ho, Snowpiercer. Limited in release and highly anticipated, Snowpiercer is simultaneously one of this summer’s lesser known sci-fi gems and one of the most hyped movies of the season. It’s weird like that, so it’s no surprise that the guys are split on…

south park: the stick of truth

NerdyCool podcast 011: Just the right size, just the right length

The double entendres fly this week as the boys sit down to chat about fart jokes, RPGs, and South Park: the Stick of Truth. After a few laughs, they dig into complex themes of Valiant Hearts: The Great War and the joys of mindless button-mashing in Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition. Intro for this week’s episode comes from RoccoW via…