NerdyCool podcast 001: I Like Turtles

TMNT 2014 Screenshot

Join us on the first episode as we figure this whole podcasting thing out. Antuan, Brian, and Clayton discuss the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, what makes a good zombie story, TMNT comic, the Xbox One games, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles canon, and so many other segues and digressions. Let’s call this a ‘beta test’ and just try to ignore the minor hiccups.


Antuan your in depth knowledge of tmnt was pretty spot on. Brings back good memories on the E&L graphic novel with shredder dying. I'm gonna go back to my parents pad and take out all my old toys now (including party wagon with Michelangelo sitting at the swing open door held on by a rubber band)...

Great job on the podcast dudes..def a good listen!


 podcast 1 thoughts:

like:Brian - nice "color coded" GoT characters, obvious but a great observationAntuan - thanks for the TMNT background, did not knowClay - good point on zombie shows being all the sameCats banging
dislike:If you're on nerdy cool, watching GoT or Walking Dead weekly should be a must, stick with it!Everything nerdy/scifi keeps having bad sh*t happen over and over, it sellsBrian, how have you not seen the horrible looking trailer for TMNT?Antuan doesn't even care for certain things, "it's like a labor of love/cus i have to, no choice," i find this hilariousCats banging
good work, like hearing your thoughts, keep it up!