NerdyCool podcast 020: NerdyComplain

A fair warning: Antuan gets on a pretty serious 20 minute rant about his Destiny addiction and the shortcomings of the current generation of gaming, but there are plenty of NerdyCool things discussed this week to balance out the NerdyComplaints. The guys start out with the new Disney/Marvel collaboration, Big Hero 6, before rolling into what games they’ve…

A Warlock always finishes the job (Destiny fan-fiction)

Fighting is simple science for we Warlocks. It may look like magic, but it’s actually just physics, simple mathematics, and tactics. Even so, I’m felling pretty pumped from all of the energy I’ve drained from the grunts — feeling like a goddamn Voidwalking Space Wizard — but I’m also quickly getting overwhelmed. Looks like it’s “exo’s gotta do what an exo’s gotta do” time again.